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{{Company_name}} offers monthly themed classes to teach how the {{religious_affliliation}} can help inspire you in your daily encounters.


In {{month}} we will be offering "Fighting Racism through {{religion}}", a faith-inspired approach to identifying racial inequalities and how to combat them effectively.


Classes will meet each Thursday at 8:00pm in our recreation hall.  The classes are free, however, space is limited.

Generosity in Bothell
Donations have surged in recent months, and we wish to thank all who have contributed so generously to our cause. Let's keep up the good work!

New Child Care Program

Elevation Church has opened a new day care facility for disadvantaged families.  Meeting the needs of single parents who cannot afford regular day care for their children, Elevation Church has recently created a safe place for parents to leave their children while they work.

New Website for Elevation Church

With our new website, you can now get information, news and updates about Elevation Church online. We look forward to your visit!